Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dumb Move: Pope Francis is The Advocate's Person of the Year

You'd think I'd be happy, but no:
While those hoping that the Pope would liberalize Church doctrine are disappointed -- many disgruntled and angry commenters vented their frustration that the LGBT magazine chose the "not pro-gay by today's standard" figurehead -- for The Advocate's editorial board, they felt a tone shift was significant enough.

"The brevity of that statement and the outsized attention it got immediately are evidence of the pope's sway. His posing a simple question with very Christian roots, when uttered in this context by this man, "Who am I to judge?" became a signal to Catholics and the world that the new pope is not like the old pope," wrote Grindley.

You know what the stupid thing is?

They award this "title" to a man who called a gay marriage bill "a machination of the Father of Lies".

Heck, even Pope Benedict never said anything that blunt.

No, the new pope is very much like the old pope.

It's just that the media is too superficial to do any real digging.

The media likes a good narrative.

Pope Francis gives good narrative.

It doesn't matter that the narrative is often wrong.

The media need bits and pieces of truth to make a good story on a deadline.

This "shift of tone" ignores what he has actually said and what he believes.

He still opposes sodomy and always will.