Thursday, December 12, 2013

Link Dump: Canada Post, Quebec Independence, Anti-Catholicism

I agree: Privatize Canada Post.

I suspect that some day, snail mail will make a small comeback. There's nothing like getting a genuine handwritten letter from someone you love. Yes, email is faster, but you can't doodle flowers and flourishes on an email. It's much more personal and tangible. It'll be a niche thing, between lovers or kids and their grandparents.


Quebec is already independent in its mind: Lisée

I think this is true for a lot of Quebeckers, especially the chatterati. Canada is basically irrelevant.

But I think it's less true than it was twenty years ago, due to the internet. English is so widespread now, English Canada cannot be avoided.

It's up to Quebeckers to build up their Canadian identity. I always felt like a Quebecker and a Canadian, and I still do.


The Couche-Tard chain of convenience stores has displayed an anti-Catholic ad for Julia Cellier wine.

The ad says: This is not Mass Wine. It's 100% secular and available to everyone.

The stupid thing is that any wine can be Mass wine.