Thursday, January 02, 2014

Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit Approves Street Evangelization Effort

This looks pretty good:

Tyler talked with this mother and daughter who were curious about street evangelization. The mother is Catholic but the daughter is fallen away from the faith (she says she is now agnostic and gay). The daughter made some claims that fallen away Catholics often make, specifically expressing the opinion that the Bible and Church’s teachings are outdated. This view is understandable if one does not see morality as based on an objective standard, such as Natural Law. Moral relativism is a problem evangelists encounter often, since it is easy to espouse but ultimately a shallow and dangerous road. When it comes to talking with people who identify as homosexual, they are often afraid that Catholics “hate” them and specifically target them. But the team explained that the Catholic position is not about singling out a specific group, but rather about expressing a consistent moral ethic. The team explained that sins such as cohabitation are also wrong, even if the couple is not gay, because ultimately sexual relations are designed by God for a specific purpose, and any purpose outside that is thus contrary to God’s will. The team said that the daughter seemed to have a lot of spiritual turmoil in her life, which can prevent a person from turning back to God. Let us pray for her, as her mother says she does daily.

We need a LOT more of this.