Thursday, January 02, 2014

Jewish Doctor Plans to Disobey Quebec Secularism Charter


I hope others follow suit.

“I’m the first person to say you can’t disobey the law because you may not like it. I may not like paying my taxes, but I have to pay them,” said constitutional lawyer Julius Grey.

But when a law violates fundamental rights, civil disobedience is “a necessary safety valve,” he said.
“It’s the essence of liberal democracy that when your conscience tells you can’t do something, you cannot do it,” Grey said.

This is rich:
However, Daniel Weinstock, a law professor at McGill University, thinks it’s unlikely the charter will result in civil disobedience since he doubts the government really intends to enforce the charter, should it pass.

“I can’t see the government going into Jewish General Hospital and start arresting nurses in hijabs and doctors in kippahs,” he said.

If the government does not intend to enforce this law, it's an unjust law.

If you do not enforce the law, you make a mockery of the law.  You cannot pass a law without the intention of enforcing it. It makes the law into an empty dare.