Thursday, January 30, 2014

Myth: All Women Struggle with their Abortion Decision

Just read this in a blogpost:
Choosing abortion is not easy for anyone and it is something that will effect them for the rest of their lives.

I hope we can put this myth to rest.

No, not all women struggle with their abortion decision.

For some women, the decision is automatic.

There's no struggle or second-guessing.

When they get the positive pregnancy test, they call the clinic, and that's that.

It only takes a little imagination to know this is not true.

There are women out there who are adamantly against having children.

Do you really think they deliberate over their abortion decision?

For the vast majority, the answer is no.

Or how about very young teenagers? Yes, there are quite a few pro-life teens out there, but certainly not the majority. Do you think they have the knowledge to understand  all the implications behind abortion?

No. They're pregnant, they're in trouble, they want out. That's that.

And what about pre-menopausal women? Quite a few just do not want to start over with kids, if they have kids.

This thing is a no-brainer.

I think this myth was developed by mushy pro-choice people who, ceding some ground to pro-life people, wanted to make the abortion decision seem more legitimate.

If you portray women as deliberating over abortion, it's because they understand the implications, and their understanding makes them seem wise and conscientious.

Wise and conscientious people don't choose irresponsible courses of action.

They make hard decisions.

So that gives abortion more moral legitimacy.
And so you see it repeated again and again again: Women don't go into abortion light-heartedly. They struggle with their decision because it's a tough choice to make.

No it's not.

And a lot feminists allow that non-sense to slide because politically it helps salvage legal abortion.

But we know the truth.

It's often chosen without a second thought.