Thursday, January 02, 2014

Norway: Late-Term Abortions Performed on Viable Fetuses

Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) figures showed between 2001 to 2009, five abortions were performed at weeks 22 or 23. Between 2010 and 2011, 12 abortions were carried out. Some of the aborted fetuses’ hearts continued beating for between 45 and 90 minutes, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

If a baby has to die in the name of female empowerment, so what? It's only human life.

The expert panel set up to investigate Norway’s abortion laws reported in September last year that there are significant differences and ambiguities in the understanding and practice of the laws. The panel recommended 21 weeks and 6 days as the absolute limit for terminations. The government has accepted the recommendation. Anne Grethe Erlandsen, the health department state secretary, said draft legislation will soon be released for comment.

Abortion should not happen in fetuses who have the possibility of being able to live,” she told NRK. “We must have the same practices and views on this regardless of the situation the mother is in, unless her life is in danger.”

Those crazy red-neck Norwegians. If they tighten up the law, there will be blood running in the streets. A legal limit, pfffft... only fundamentalists believe in abortion limits. Real progressives think taking human life in the name of female empowerment is A-OK.