Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today's Wacko News in Canadian Politics: Trudeau Boots all 32 Senators from Caucus

"I have come to believe the Senate must be non-partisan," Trudeau told reporters. "There are no more Liberal senators ... The only way to be part of the Liberal caucus is to be put there by the people of Canada."

The former Liberal senators are free to organize themselves however they wish, Trudeau said. That means they are no longer accountable to any elected parliamentary leader.

Does anyone really believe this BS?

Does he not realize that parties arose from that fact that like minds voted alike in Parliament?

Does this sound like a guy you want running the country?

And if I were a Liberal, I'd have second thoughts about the guy as Leader.

While non-partisanship may be a lofty goal, unceremoniously booting a team member does not bode well for the leader's sense of loyalty.

In politics, as a general rule, when people go to bat for you, you go to bat for them.

If I know that my leader is not going to defend me when I need it, I will not work as hard for his benefit.

I will save my own butt, possibly at Party expense.

This is no way to run a party.

I suppose this may bode well for Conservatives and NDPers.

I don't get why Mulcair doesn't get more credit. He may be more boring but at least he's got experience and credibility.


It appears that some Senators are happy with the move.

People expecting patronage appointments might not, though.


From The Toronto Star:

Extreme patronage and partisanship are at the root of the Senate expenses scandal, which has engulfed the upper chamber for more than a year, Trudeau told a news conference on Parliament Hill.

“The Senate is broken and needs to be fixed,” he said.

Not exactly a strong vote of confidence for his senators, is it?