Saturday, January 11, 2014

Udaipur, India: 6 newborns abandoned in last ten days

In the past ten days, six newborn babies were abandoned in Udaipur region. Shockingly, the data reflects that on an average every second day an infant has been deserted by his or her parent. All of these infants were hardly a day or two-day old when recovered by the authorities. Three of them are under safe abandoned categories since they were found in cradles. Three boys and three girls are abandoned on the New Year.


Mahesh Ashram administration has been given the guardianship of all the infants. 'It indeed heartbreaking to see the infants in such a plight but if we look at the positive aspect, it is a relief that people are not throwing the babies in sewers and trash bins but are safely discarded on cradles. The babies will survive now," Devendra Agarwal of Mahesh Ashram said

Yes, the babies will survive now. Because they weren't aborted.

Many critics say that such newborns face dire prospects because they have been abandoned.

But the truth is, there are countless couples waiting to adopt such children.

The question is: how to match these babies to the couples who want them.