Saturday, January 25, 2014

VIDEO: A Miscarried Baby in the Womb (circa 6-7 weeks)

I always wanted someone to film an abortion in the womb so we can all know the truth about what happens.

I think this is the closest thing I have so far.

This is an embryoscopy of an instrument severing the cord of an embryo.

The label says that embryoscopy is used to study missed and habitual abortion.

But as I watch, I wondered if the embryo in question was really dead or not.

It would seem far-fetched to imagine someone going through the bother of using embryoscopy for this kind of abortion.

And in the womb, all the tissue is in constant motion, alive or dead, because of the liquid environment.

Plus the music really livened up the footage.

Still you wonder if the embryo's arm movements were reactive as the instrument approached his face.

Whether the embryo is live or dead, I thought it was very educational and moving to see an embryo in his natural environment.