Friday, January 10, 2014

When ProLife Work Makes You Sick

I completely identify with Faye Sonier.

When I'm pregnant, I cannot debate abortion. I can post about it or read about it, but debating it gives me palpitations that could very well send me to the hospital.

Other pro-lifers have confessed to me that sometimes, to cope, they have to mentally and emotionally move to a 30,000 foot view of the abortion issue. They need to think about the “issue” without thinking about one or every single life destroyed. I fully understand how it would be crippling to function, much less engage, otherwise. I’ve been there too. Some days, as horrible as it sounds, I can’t bear to think about each life lost. On those days, I can handle a statistic, but I can’t handle the Susies, or Ellas, or Matteos, or Jacks who didn’t make it through the day because an abortionist and mother decided that today would be that child’s last.

Yep, that's me. I have to neutralize the issue, otherwise I can't be efficient.

And then sometimes, late at night, I break down and cry. It's overwhelming.

They say abortion hardens women and abortionists. Sometimes I wonder if it doesn't harden pro-lifers as well. Maybe not in their conscience. But somewhere on the emotional level, you can't let things affect you that you otherwise would, because it would distract you from the big picture.

A lot of moral outrage gets stuffed for the greater good.