Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Conservatives Can't Win at the Identity Politics Game


When conservatives “ask” “So, why is there no WHITE History Month, huh?” they are being just as bumpkinish as the “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” hicks who we should really spend more of our time trying to shake off.

What conservatives mean when they ask that about White History Month is “Why do we divide people into groups like this? Why don’t we just integrate ‘Black history’ and ‘women’s history’ and maybe even ‘gay history’ into the history curriculum?”

I would like to take a stab at the question.

The answer as to why there is no "White History Month", or "Straight Pride" or why Human Rights Commissions rule invariably against Christians has to do with the nature of identity politics.

The purpose of all these politically correct measures is to achieve equality.

Not to treat people as equal, you understand.

But to achieve equality.

Straight White Christian Men are already equal. So are Straights. So are Christians (in the minds of leftists!)

So they don't need the same treatment.

"Fairness" is not treating everyone the same.

"Fairness" is whatever achieves equality.

By definition, "fairness" will always put Straight White Christian Males at a disadvantage. 

When people try to mimick political correctness and do the mirror opposite of leftwingers (e.g. have White History Month, Straight Pride, Men's rights movement) they look ridiculous.

Identity politics is set up so that Straight White Christian Males (and conservatives) lose.

You're playing the game as losers. You can't win the fight against feminism by playing identity politics and the victim card. If you do not uphold feminism, by definition, you are not the victim.

So you have to get out of that paradigm. It's a paradigm that punishes the "oppressors".

And another objective fact that makes the whole mirror approach ridiculous is that it tries to make Straight White Christian Males into victims when the objective reality is that they run the world.

Now I agree that there are a lot of women, gays, minorities and non-Christians who have influence.

But the fact of the matter is, they are still minorities in the highest circles of influence.

Most people who run the world are men.

Most people who run the world are straight.

Most people who run the world are white.

Christian? Okay, that's debatable, but certainly they come from a Christian-based country.

So making Striaght White Men into victims is patently ridiculous. Collectively, they're still in charge.

I anticipate the reaction: but if they're in charge, how come they allow political correctness to run rampant?

Ultimately it makes them feel moral.

If Straight white men decided tomorrow they'd had enough of political correctness, it'd be over. They have the money, they have the connections, they have much more of what is needed to overhaul institutions.

So the solution to fight political correctness is not to adopt the premises of political correctness. It's to debunk them. You can't debunk identity politics by adopting the premises identity politics.