Monday, February 17, 2014

I've always had the sneaking suspicion... re:trans kids

Margaret Wente investigates transgender kids:
Here’s more unwelcome news from Ms. Dreger. A child’s gender issue may merely be a symptom of other family problems. The dirty little secret is that many of these families have big dysfunctional issues. When you get the clinicians over a beer, they’ll tell you the truth. A lot of the parents aren’t well in terms of their mental health. They think that once the child transitions, all their problems will magically go away, but that’s not really where the stress is located.” Clinicians won’t say these things publicly, she says, because they don’t want to sound as if they’re blaming gender problems on screwed-up families.

One of the reason some groups of individuals-- like the mentally ill-- embrace "diversity" is that it affirms them in their dysfunction, so they feel they don't have to change, and if someone says they should they feel justified in being offended and dismissing them.

"Diversity" also inhibits people from recognizing their own problems. Bizarre behaviour, bizarre values, bizarre habits are chalked up to "being different" not being dysfunctional by the people around them so they don't see why they have to change.

There is such a thing as normality. There is a pattern to human behaviour and human existence. Some people live outside that normality and are fine, but it doesn't mean that normality doesn't exist.