Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sexually Abusive Priest Living on Half-Million Dollar Property

I think some people still don't get it when it comes to sexual abuse:

"I still cannot reconcile how a man who's supposed to be doing penance for the egregious sins he committed … not to mention his crimes, is vacationing in Venice, Fla., and living in a ‘stunningly beautiful' lake home, the actual site of many of these acts of abuse," she said. "And that's in some way supposed to be something that we want to record and pat ourselves on the back for."
And that's besides the very generous payoffs from the diocese. This is above and beyond minimum need.

Just as a comparison:
In other dioceses, bishops might have asked the pope to defrock Kapoun or forced him to live in a supervised facility with other offending priests. In Philadelphia, for example, the archdiocese monitors abusive priests in a residential facility with video cameras and electronic swipe cards. A former probation officer signs off on each priest's daily plans.

It should be sackcloth and ashes for guys like this. Some people think they're being "merciful" by not condemning the sinner.

Not terribly merciful to the victim, is it?