Thursday, February 20, 2014

VIDEO: Pope Francis Sends Ecumenical Message to Meeting at Kenneth Copeland Ministries

The blurb for the video says:

"Bishop Tony Palmer talks about his friend and Mentor Pope Francis at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Pope Francis sends private message of Reconciliation and Unity between the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church to KCM."

At the beginning, the Pope apologizes for not speaking English. So cute.

I know it shows a 45-minute video. Don't worry, I programmed the video to start at the pope's message when you click on "play".

What a wonderful message.

UPDATE: I've tried re-editting the code, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to change the start time. But don't worry, Pope Francis starts talking 20 seconds into the video.

UPDATE 2: More background from Aleteia:

This is a gathering of Pentecostal pastors and leaders in Texas hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which is led by Kenneth Copeland.