Sunday, March 23, 2014

Could Euthanasia Be the Next Chapter in Black Genocide?

Pro-Lifers often point out that abortion has been a white supremacist's dream, killing more Blacks than the KKK.

Perhaps the next chapter in this race suicide might be euthanasia.

Consider this blogpost from Reportainment in Canada.

She tells a fictitious story comparing two women diagnosed with cancer. Joan, middle class, articulate and with means, gets treated fast.

Jane, an immigrant, not so articulate, and lacking means, gets the second class treatment, so that her case worsens to the point that there is "nothing to be done".

So in a healthcare system with more patients than resources, this physician’s path of least resistance means being proactive with his well-educated patients and being less so, to varying degrees, with the rest. Jane is eventually hospitalized two months later, by which time the cancer has progressed to a terminal stage. Her children are told their mother waited too long to be seen and the only option is to provide her with comfort care until she dies. She is sent home with the promise of community caregivers, who show up intermittently. Her daughter takes an unpaid leave from work to help. Joan, in the meantime, has survived and participates yearly in one of the many fundraising walks to raise money for cancer research.


The fact that the timing of treatments in Canada, especially in the immediate aftermath of a diagnosis, can differ according to variables like class, ethnic background, age and gender, is something supporters of assisted suicide either dismiss or willfully ignore even after they’ve been informed. They pooh-pooh the idea because, of course, it interferes with their goal.

It's not hard to imagine that in a healthcare system where passive euthanasia takes place against the disabled, that people of colour might be more likely to be told "there's nothing to be done for you", which can put pressure on people to choose euthanasia.

I can especially see this happening in the States.

H/T: Blazing Catfur