Friday, March 07, 2014

Interesting Admission re: Emergency Contraception

Title: Emergency intrauterine device insertion in teenagers: an informal retrospective study.


Widespread and increased availability of oral emergency contraception (EC) over the past 10 years has made little difference to rates of unintended pregnancy, abortion and repeat abortion amongst teenagers.

Ever notice that the development of new and better contraception devices is never enough?

Modern condoms were supposed to reduce abortion rates. They didn't.

The Pill was supposed to reduced abortion rates, it didn't. Yes, rates have gone down since decades, but they're not anything like they were before the widespread use of the Pill.

Emergency Contraception was suppose to be a panacea to unintended pregnancy for kids. It wasn't.

There is no substitute for self-control.

And now the big trend is pushing IUD's. The literature is full of studies with IUD's.

You gotta love the title of that abstract: because IUD insertion is such an emergency.

The abstract spoke to IUD insertion.

But how many teens really want an IUD inside them?

And what do you suppose will happen if that thing pops out? You think they're going to run to the doctor to get a new one?

There's a certain ick factor to IUD's that I don't think many medical professionals take into account.

Kids can barely deal with tampons and condoms are supposed to get used to strings? Meh. I dunno about that.