Monday, March 10, 2014

Knife-wielding attacker found guilty of assaulting pro-life woman at Toronto Life Chain

Dear Pro-Lifers.

Here's what you have to realize.

While it's true we need to find "painless" ways to encourage people to witness for life...

the truth is, we can only expect more than this.

There will be no victory without martyrdom.

Pray for the strength to withstand the opposition.

One day, we will be close to establishing fetal rights.

It's not gonna be pretty.

Many people will realize that abortion is losing.

The guilt will gnaw at them, because they can see what's coming, and the impending acceptance of fetal rights will only make their guilt more obvious to them.

And it'll only anger them the more.

A few may become violent. Consider groups like Femen. Sure, they seem psycho now, but I predict that a number of feminists will see assault and other acts of vandalism as the means to fight back.

That's not the time to give up.

Truth costs something. Sometimes it costs a lot. Just remember that.