Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Catholic Church Does Not Teach That Gays Are "Intrinsically Disordered"

This coming from an Episcopalian "bishop", this is extremely unacceptable:

Yet the official teaching of the Catholic Church is that homosexuals are “intrinsically disordered.” Not a lot of wriggle room in that, is there? That judgment and teaching about LGBT people is the basis for discrimination, rejection and violence the world over.

If you're going to criticize the Church, at least get Church doctrine straight.

The acts are disordered. The inclination is disordered.

But people are never disordered.

Are gay people identical to their same-sex attraction? No. Nobody can be reduced to one aspect of their life.

There are any number of sinful inclinations, some of which are intrinsically disordered.

This is also absolutely inexcusable:
His immediate predecessors seemed not to hesitate in heaping judgment on homosexuals, women (especially those who made the excruciating decision to have an abortion), the divorced, and a vast array of people who fell short of the Vatican’s moral ideal (exempting at times, of course, members of the Church’s own clergy and hierarchy from those same ideals).

If there was anything the two last popes were not, it was judgmental.

They condemned sin.

But they never condemned people.

And the idea that somehow they were soft on pedophiles is outrageously untrue.

But, as it is often the case, narrative is more important than facts.