Friday, April 18, 2014

PAFE Petition to Tell Ontario Catholic Teacher Union (OECTA) to Pull Out of Pride Parade

From an email from PAFE:

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto condemned plans by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Union (OECTA) to march in the World Pride Parade on June 29. PAFE President, Teresa Pierre, PhD, commented on the announcement saying "PAFE warmly applauds the Cardinal for taking this step to prevent the union from giving false appearances about what the Church teaches about homosexuality."

In talks with OECTA President, James Ryan, the Cardinal said that appearing in the parade would not be in keeping with Catholic teachings on sexuality.

This decision shows that they and the OECTA leadership have an inadequate and mistaken understanding of their faith.

According to the Catholic Register, President James Ryan continues to assert that the union will march to support members who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

PAFE asks supporters to further pressure OECTA now by asking your school board to demand OECTA pull out of the event. As the legal authorities for the schools, it is the job of Trustees to preserve the faith of the school systems.

Please sign our online PETITION to ask Trustees to tell the OECTA leadership the many reasons why the union should not be marching in the parade.

Please sign if:

You are tired of the faith of your children being challenged or dismissed by Catholic teachers in the school environment.

You don't think the union should confuse the public about what the Church teaches.

You think students should be taught to form their consciences according to what the church teaches and not according to whatever ideas are popular for the moment.

Once you've signed the petition please forward it to as many friends as possible! Let's back up those many good teachers in the union whom Cardinal Collins referred to who want to see Catholic teachers supporting the faith of the Church.

In case you missed the link: Sign Here!

Signing is just the first part. Please blog it and post it on your social media.