Friday, May 09, 2014

Cardinal Lacroix's Awesome Comeback to Journalist Who Asked Him About the Femen Incident

"They were naked? Wow, I really missed something!"

Translated from the French.

Also this interesting angle about abortion:

"In Quebec, for almost 40 years, abortion has been available, but unfortunately, it has become for many a means of contraception for many. When we say that there are 30 000 abortions a year in Quebec, this is unacceptable."

Now, some might criticize the good Cardinal for treating abortion as "contraception".

Normally, in Quebec the "abortion is contraception" argument is used by very "soft" pro-lifers-- if you want to call them pro-lifers at all-- people who have some notion for the respect of pre-natal life, but who usually follow this "abortion as contraception" thought with "people should contraceptive measures in order to prevent that!"

Now, Cardinal Lacroix, in calling abortion "contraception", to me, was indirectly condemning contraception.

A very interesting angle.

Instead of calling it "murder", he is indirectly making the case of respect for life, AND condemning contraception at the same time.

I thought his wording was rather sly. Sometimes the best way to say something is to say it indirectly.