Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Been an Interesting Week In ProLife Politics

Niki Ashton presented a motion affirming abortion rights; then the NDP backed off.

Justin Trudeau announced that all Liberal candidates must be pro-life. Now he's doing damage control.

If you want to call "allowing pro-life members" 'damage control'.

Does he really think people are that dumb?

And an article in the Toronto Star says that the abortion debate needs to be re-opened...to reaffirm abortion rights.

In the era of the internet, blogs, Twitter and Sun News... bring it on, baby!

If there's one thing pro-aborts are terrible at, it's debating abortion.

There's a reason why the NDP backed off their motion.

They know darn well that any debate is bad for them. The first rule of marketing is: when you get what you want, shut up.

Don't want to shut up? Works for me.