Thursday, May 08, 2014

Ottawa March for Life 2014 Photos

Hello Readers!

The March for Life in Ottawa was AWESOME.

I couldn't actually be in the March per se because I had an interview with Kathleen Dunn and EWTN, so I had to stick around the Hill. But I took some pictures and met a whole lot of well-known pro-lifers, like Stephanie Gray, Ruth Shaw, Bill Whatcott, Georges Buscemi, and others...

I got to take some pictures of what I saw.

And no, I didn't see the Femen activists, as I was coming back from re-parking the car. But honestly, they didn't dampen our spirits at all. I even think it might have been beneficial because it made it impossible to ignore us. I do think, however, that sexually harassing (and even assaulting) a Catholic cardinal isn't the best strategem for the feminist movement.