Wednesday, May 07, 2014

VIDEO: Woman Films Own Abortion

My first reaction is: who cares?

You have to understand that if you choose, ahead of time, to make this documentary, you are not very inclined to share your negative thoughts or feelings.

Maybe ten or twenty years down the line, it will have a bit more "value" if you will.

The other thing is that there's nothing to being in stirrups and being filmed. I feel like it's a big let down.

The crux of the abortion issue  is what happens to the baby.

Sure, women's feelings are an ancillary issue and so they are necessary to explore.

There are countless women who have negative feelings. And many who don't.

Creating a video where a woman says "see, nothing wrong with me" is not very convincing.

But just because a lot of women don't have negative feelings doesn't mean that abortion is not problematic.

I don't think abortion activists don't get this.

There are people who smoke cigarettes all their lives and don't die of lung cancer. There are people who drive around cars involved in recalls, and they're fine. People put all kinds of chemicals in their bodies, and live to tell about it, in spite of various restrictions and bans put on them.

It's the same with abortion.

Not every single woman has to have a negative experience in order for abortion to be a problem.

Not even a majority.

And you cannot always predict who will have a negative experience and who won't. Yes, feeling coerced, feeling ambivalent, and having mental health issues are flags.

But people's feelings can change over time. There is simply no crystal ball for this.