Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father Raymond Gravel Applies for Palliative Care; Gives Television Interview

Radio-Canada is reporting that Father Raymond Gravel has applied to receive Palliative Care, and is waiting for a bed at this point.

He is in the last stages of cancer. His lung cancer has metastasized to his bones, and he is in final weeks, if not days.

I thought I'd translate his comments to the interview, who were visibly touched. The television host called the interview by a wrong name, and there was a little emotion in the voice of the interviewer, Alain Crevier.

Rather than translate all the commentary from the journalists, I thought I'd just publish the comments of Fr. Raymond Gravel.

I thought his comments were interesting because they testify to the effectiveness of palliative care. People think that dying of cancer always has to be painful:

I am not afraid to die. I'm afraid to suffer. So that's why pallative care, for me, is comforting, because I know that they will take away my suffering. Because I asked the doctor, if I'm really suffering, I want to be put into a coma. He said in palliative care, there's no problem, we'll take away your pain. [Incomprehensible, but words to the effect of: suffering it at home is like martyrdom.] So no, I prefer to be in the hospital.

I also thought his comments on forgiveness were interesting:

I think it's the Epistle of St. Peter which says to give an account of the hope that inhabits you. He doesn't say "the certitude". "Give an account of the hope that inhabits you." And that's what I want to go before I go. If people could just remember that.. that's all. [Journalist: "The hope of death". Gravel chimes in] The hope of living. The hope to live otherwise. Because I believe there's a life after life. So the hope to live otherwise. But one thing is for sure, if I hurt people, I apologize, because I never wish to hurt people, and I was hurt, but it doesn't matter, I forgive all those who wronged me, it doesn't bother me. Because I find that forgiveness does so much good, it makes one reborn, too.

I wish he'd forgive LifeSiteNews and drop his lawsuit.

I confess to being a little choked up myself. Here's this priest going to his death, knowing how he voted against the unborn. I just hope he repents before it's too late.