Friday, June 13, 2014

Fr. Raymond Gravel Praises Quebec's Euthanasia Law

LSN reported that Fr. Raymond Gravel was hospitalized on June 8th.

Naturally, because of the lawsuit, I'm sure they did not want to say anything more.

The original source of the LSN story reported that Fr. Gravel said he approved of the Quebec's "Medical Aid in Dying" law.

You know, we talk about disciplining Justin Trudeau (and rightly so).

How come nobody ever disciplines this guy? And Fr. Raymond Gravel is far more deserving of discipline.

Maybe we should put more pressure on disciplining recalcitrant clergy than on politicians. Justin Trudeau, to some degree, is the victim of his own ignorance.

Fr. Raymond Gravel, and especially his bishop, Gilles Lussier, cannot claim ignorance. In fact, Bishop Lussier publicly opposed the bill when it was tabled under the PQ.

It's just too bad that Justin Trudeau makes the news, but Fr. Raymond Gravel doesn't.