Friday, June 27, 2014

New York's Big Soda Ban Will Not Be Re-Instated by NY Supreme Court


NEW YORK (AP) — Big sodas can stay on the menu in the Big Apple after New York state's highest court refused Thursday to reinstate the city's first-of-its-kind size limit on sugary drinks. But city officials suggested they might be willing to revisit the supersize-soda ban.


But city leaders signaled they might not give up the fight. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city was "actively reviewing all of its options to protect the health and well-being of our communities"; officials wouldn't immediately specify what those might be. The city hasn't said whether it plans to try to appeal, but the case doesn't raise federal issues that would make it a likely choice for the Supreme Court.

The dumb thing is that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, which is stop people from drinking lots of pop.

If I want to drink 21 ounces of pop, I'll just drink enough cups to get to that goal. So it stops no one.

When I go to the movies and get a jumbo pop, I usually share it.