Thursday, June 26, 2014

US Supreme Court Recognizes Free Speech Rights of Sidewalk Counselors

I note that LifeSiteNews did not take the angle all the MSM were taking on this story.

LSN focused on what the Supreme Court said about sidewalk counseling.

Whereas most other outlets highlighted the Court's nullification of Massachusetts's 35-foot bubble zone law.

I looked into the commentary. And while this is something of a free speech victory for pro-lifers, it's not as big as it sounds. The Supreme Court has already said that buffer zones can be constitutional, and it appears that Colorado's buffer zone will remain in place, as well as those of other states.

For LifeSite, the bigger news was the legal acknowledgement of sidewalk counseling as a legitimate activity.

And I think LSN is right in underscoring that victory.

I think, in the future, there should be professional associations of sidewalk counselors, with professional codes of conduct.

And in the far future, we could envision these professional associations doing studies of the most effective means of doing their jobs, the way that abortionists study the most effective means of doing theirs.