Friday, July 11, 2014

Columnist: Let's Talk About Our Abortions

I don't think this lady gets it.

When you talk about how crappy your abortion is, you stigmatize abortion.

You can't just sit there as if abortion is this wonderful option, when so many women have undergone the procedure and feel like crap for doing so.

Oh sure, you can say "it was the best decision for me".

But it's hard to reconcile that rosy picture with all the fallout.

The lady claims she couldn't have a baby because she didn't have the money, but soon after the abortion she left her job.

Because the abortion made her too emotional to continue.

Me? I'm all for talking about abortions.

Because I know the truth will out.

Abortion sucks.

Another reason why women won't talk about their abortions is because they know that their stories don't fit neat ideological narratives. And because their experiences undermine their particular politics on abortion. Abortion is supposed to be a liberating option, but many women don't feel liberated by it, and their narratives can be very unhelpful.

And I'm ready to concede that there may be pro-lifers who, at one point in their lives, had an abortion and maybe their reaction to it was a shrug.

I know my miscarriage story doesn't follow the usual pro-life narrative.

When women have abortions, they already feel emotionally vulnerable, they don't want to have to expose themselves even more.

So that's why women don't talk about their abortion stories. The idea that women will just open up at cocktail parties about a painful or emotional time in their lives is very unrealistic.