Thursday, July 03, 2014

Head of Reproductive Justice New Brunswick is an Adoptee

You may have read that Reproductive Justice New Brunswick, a pro-abortion group, wants to buy the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton.

I Googled around. They're a new group. They were founded in May.

The head, Kathleen Pye, is an adoptee. As she underscores on her blog, when she was born, abortion was not legal (well, actually, not decriminalized).

She says she was unwanted:

I won’t lie: to write that, say it, even think it, hurts. And it would for anyone. Most of us fear rejection from our family, friends, and partners. But for adopted children, like me, we were just that: rejected. And right from the get go. Some refer to this as the ‘ultimate rejection’ or the ‘first trauma’. But, over time, I’ve come to accept my reality, just as my birth mother had to accept her reality that the child she was bearing was completely and utterly unwanted.


While I don’t know the specifics of her situation, I assume my birth mother saw three options available to her at the time – an illegal and potentially life-threatening abortion, raising a child she did not want to raise, and adoption.

It sounds like she doesn't know her birth mother.

How does she know her mother saw three options available?

Maybe her mother didn't see an illegal abortion as an option.

Maybe she loved her child, but just couldn't take care of that child.

Or maybe she didn't love the kid, but had enough moral fibre to not kill her child.

I don't want to state too much-- I'm only speculating based on the phrase "I don't know the specifics of her situation."

It's just so ironic that this lady, who's advocating for abortion, herself wasn't killed by abortion.

Here she is, speaking of her struggle with rejection, but the struggle with her potential non-existence doesn't seem to be an issue.

This lady was allowed to live her life because her mother chose life.

This is something pro-lifers want for all children.