Sunday, July 06, 2014

Head of UK Abortion Service is ProChoice. People are Shocked


In a pamphlet entitled Britain’s Abortion Law, What it Says and Why, it asks: “Is abortion for reasons of sex illegal under the Abortion Act?”

Shockingly, the answer is: “No. The law is silent on the matter.”

Let me explain what "pro-choice" means.

"Pro-choice" means you support the legal right of a woman to have an abortion under any circumstance, for any reason, at any time, without apology, full stop.

So if a woman wants to abort a girl fetus, that's her right.

If she wants to abort to get back into her bikini, that's her right.

If she wants to abort the day before her due date, that's her right.

But Suzanne, things like that never happen. People don't abort the day before a due date or to get back into a bikini.

No, but women do get abortions for equally frivolous reasons, and if you oppose such abortions, you are anti-choice.

Not necessarily pro-life, but you're not pro-choice. You're anti-choice.

Just remember that any time an abortion advocate uses the word "anti-choice". If you support any legal restriction on abortion, whatsoever, you are anti-choice. If you think that there should be restrictions on sex-selection abortion, you're anti-choice.