Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ProLife Message Spreads to China

 This is awesome.

They got their own Kermit Gosnells, too:

Inside a dingy illegal medical clinic in southwest China, a female doctor brags about her experience performing abortions over the course of 40 years both, at a hospital and at the clinic where she makes much more money. Next to an ill-lit room lined with thin, musty cots and IV stands, the doctor says it's a very typical operation. One girl who had eight abortions is fine, the doctor asserts.

While China's law forbids late-term abortions, the doctor said she would do an abortion regardless of the delivery date, "even if [the baby] comes out crying." An abortion at three months costs merely 1,000 yuan ($160) and the patient can be in and out of the clinic in two hours.

The doctor opens a locked back room where the abortions are performed. It reeks of chemicals. In one corner stood a rusting operating chair with stirrups, which the doctor quickly walked toward to toss out blood-stained tissues from her last operation, an 18-year-old who was five months pregnant. Tucked between a cot and table was an illegal ultrasound machine covered with a piece of cloth, which the abortionist uses to help determine the sex of the baby, although sex-selective abortions are illegal in China since the preference for sons has skewed the country's sex ratio.

You know, in the feminist mindset, because this is done in a dingy clinic, this should be legal.

Because... who cares if a baby comes out crying?

And if babies have to die in the name of "clean" abortions, so what?