Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do Abortion Advocates Really Support Bodily Autonomy?

Secular Pro-Life raises the issue. In regards to the case of Melissa Ohden, they write:

Unsuccessful? But the abortionist managed to "disconnect" Melissa's mother from the baby that was using her body. Melissa's mother's bodily autonomy was completely vindicated! Isn't that what abortion is all about? Why is this called "unsuccessful"?

See, I always thought one possible compromise for third trimester abortion would be to allow for termination after 24 weeks, but only if the baby isn't killed.

The mom would be rid of the pregnancy.

The baby would live.

But that wouldn't fly, wouldn't it?

Because the purpose of abortion is to kill the baby. It's not about "bodily autonomy". In fact, the pervasive laws that restrict bodily autonomy make a farce of that principle.