Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Choice Movement

This is an excellent article from an ex-poor-choicer.

When you discuss this article amongst yourselves, notice how they evade the questions she raises, and try to change the subject.


The biggest thing I noticed, however, was that pro-life sites had this information in abundance. The pro-lifers encouraged women to educate themselves about the details of pregnancy, suggested that they view ultrasounds to know what was happening within their bodies, and offered resources to educate women about all aspects of the female reproductive system.

On the pro-choice side, it was a totally different story.

I had started my research on websites for abortion providers and various feminist organizations, which I had assumed would equip women to make informed choices by providing them with full information. To my concern and surprise, I could not find one shred of information about fetal development on any websites associated with the pro-choice movement. When I read their literature about the details of abortion procedures, they were full of insulting euphemisms. Even when describing second trimester abortions, they would use eerily vague terms talking about “emptying the uterus” of its “contents.” I felt like I had been transported back to Victorian England, where women weren’t supposed to be told hard facts, even about their own bodies, because they might get all flustered.

Abortion supporters will never show you what truly happens to a fetus during an abortion. Never. They might show placenta. They might show an illustration.

Never a photo with fetal body parts.