Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Justin Trudeau's Unknown Sibling

I was doing research on another topic, when I came upon this story. (I hope the link works).

It's an article about Margaret Trudeau's abortion when she was seventeen.

This information is in the public domain. But I'm just surprised nobody ever mentions it.

So: Justin Trudeau has an older sibling who died from abortion. Interesting.

Here's another relevant question:

Do you suppose Margaret Trudeau's abortion contributed to all her mental health problems?

I don't know if Mrs. Trudeau has repented of it. I suspect no, but I really have no idea what's in her heart. She converted to Catholicism for her marriage, perhaps it was confessed at the time, but who knows?

But it's not impossible that, even if she repented, she may not have processed it.

I wonder if she's ever received the message that there is healing after abortion.

And of course, her abortion could explain, in part, why abortion was legalized, and why Justin Trudeau is a staunch supporter of it.