Friday, August 08, 2014

Linda Gibbons: Arrested Again

This is getting to be a joke. Dear Pro-Choice, you're THAT scared of a little old granny? QUOTE (in red):

It took police personnel in four cruisers, as well as three Garda World security cars and two sheriff’s officers, to take the diminutive grandmother into custody at around 11:30 a.m., some two-and-a-half hours after she first appeared at the site, pacing back and forth with pamphlets in hand. She was bearing her usual placard depicting a crying infant with the words, “Why, mom? When I have so much love to give.”
The law-enforcement officials were virtually nose-to-nose with Gibbons for a period of time, as a Morgentaler employee in jeans and white top looked on, and it appeared the text of a civil court injunction regarding the abortion site was read to her. Gibbons stood her ground, making some verbal points quietly, before her sign was seized and she was placed into the back seat of one of the cruisers.
A passer-by stopped to berate the police for arresting Gibbons and was told to stand back. He then got into a mild argument with the Morgentaler employee.
There was no immediate word on charges, or how prosecutors believe they will overcome her recent acquittal.
 That so many police officers and security were needed to arrest this little old lady is laughable. What, they expected a riot?
Has she ever resisted arrest? Has she ever made a fuss?
You're a joke, Pro-Choice. Your injunction is a joke. Your fear of free speech is a joke.  I'm glad Linda Gibbons is making a laughing stock out of you. 
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