Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rex Murphy is Exactly Right When It Comes to Rob Ford

Dear Rob Ford Opponents:

This race is not about skin colour or sex. It is very much about the divide between those who think they are always right, and a fair number of almost everyone else. 
The pure snobbery of the anti-Ford fighters is Rob Ford’s fundamental political energy, the oilsands fuelling his campaign machine. He thrives when they despise. And since virtually everything he does causes them to despise all the more, he has more than enough fuel to power him through the next two months of campaigning.

Full disclosure: I like Rob Ford.

I really wish he were sober.

But he's an alcoholic. And I know what alcoholics do: they hold it together long enough to get what they want.

Then as soon as everyone's back is turned, they start drinking again.

A stint in rehabilitation does not cure one of alcoholism.

So let me give Rob Ford's opponents a bit of advice. And if not them, then at least that whole culture that supports them.

Stop being  so damned arrogant. 

You want others to be open-minded.

You be open-minded.

I had a relative who was part of the culture of Toronto City Hall. She worked for a City Councilor.

Every week, she'd phone my house with another story about her life at City Hall.

June Rowland was a close friend of hers. I went to her farm.

One day, when she was down for Christmas time, I made the mistake of telling her I supported Stockwell Day.

She got mad at me.

How dare I!

I'd broken away from the liberal reserve.

How dare I support less government and more pro-life legislation.


This is exactly how left-wing Toronto reacts.

Newsflash: If you want to win, stop pissing people off.

Really. Stop acting like you know everything, and everyone else is a Neanderthal.

Listen and maybe learn something.

And if you can't do that,  you can expect more Rob Ford's.

Honestly, if I lived in Toronto, I'd be tempted to vote for him because he's the least of evils.

And I know we shouldn't elect an alcoholic.

I'd almost rather have the alcoholic because I figure he does less damage than you do.

And I'm far from being the only one who thinks that way.

That should tell you something.

If you can swallow your pride, you might learn something and win this race.

And if you can't, you reap what you sow.