Monday, August 18, 2014

The Proselytism of the BC Humanist Association: Or why Pope Francis Hates Proselytism

They wrote a letter to the followers of Bill Whatcott:

All of the smiles and outstretched hands that you saw as you marched were genuine, and offered in good faith. If you choose to abandon the path of bigotry, that welcoming spirit still waits for you. You will find yourself in the company of people who have conquered homophobia many times over. Amazing as it may seem, you will actually find yourself spending less time talking about homosexuality. And I’m not suggesting you abandon your faith either; there are thousands of LGBT+ people of faith in this country who can help you relate to your savior in a way that doesn’t involve defaming people for victimless "crimes."

I suspect that you can see the contrast between Mr. Whatcott’s lies of commission (some might say bearing of false witness) and the enthusiasm and joy with which parade-goers responded. I suggest you leave the man to his own financial and theological ruin, and join the rest of us in the post-Levitical world. Your lives can still be salvaged. As for Bill? Verily I say to you: He already has his reward.

Doesn't this underscore why Pope Francis hates proselytism?

They might as well as written "Dear Benighted Christians".

Notice the condescension.

When you read "if you choose to abandon the path of bigotry" read "If you choose to abandon your false heretical sect."

It's the same vibe.

I didn't want to give more attention to Bill.  I think lying is wrong, especially when evangelizing. The whole point of our faith in God is that God does not lie nor can he be deceived. That's the basis of our complete trust in his word.

His messengers, therefore, have to be as truthful as he. Otherwise the link of trust is broken, and it can undermine people's faith.

Other blogs had posted the link so I said I'll just leave it alone.

However, this goes to what Pope Francis is against. He's not against bringing people to the faith. He's against a certain method. Like this.

If your faith is good, if your God is true, you don't need to lie. Lying is trusting in your own power, not God's.