Tuesday, September 02, 2014

25 Years Ago, a US Judge Ruled That Life Begins at Conception

A fascinating story.

In 1989, Mary Sue and Junior Davis went to divorce court, and they disagreed over the fate of their frozen embryos. Mary Sue wanted to keep them to implant; Junior Davis wanted them destroyed.

No less an expert than Dr. Jerome Lejeune was invoked as an expert witness to testify that life begins at conception.

The judge presiding the case, Judge W. Dale Young, granted custody of the embryos to Mary Sue Davis. Based on the expert testimony of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, he became the first judge in US history to affirm  that "life begins at conception." (According to the news article).

The Appeals Court, and the High Court of the State of Tennessee subsequently reversed the judgements, disregarding Jerome Lejeune's testimony.

This kind of thing should be widely known to pro-lifers.