Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ivana Levkovic acquitted of hiding dead baby's body

Medical examination of the remains found it likely the fetus was at 36 weeks’ gestation when it was delivered; a typical pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.
The examiner, Dr. David Chaisson, could not determine if the baby was born alive. Levkovic has admitted to “doing a lot of drugs” during the pregnancy.
In 2008, Levkovic was acquitted by a trial judge who ruled that there should be no law against women concealing the remains of babies who died before birth.
Last year, the Supreme Court upheld an Ontario Court of Appeal decision to overturn that ruling and return the case to trial. But the Supreme Court also held that the ban on concealing babies that died before birth only applies to stillbirths, not miscarriages or abortions.
Moon noted that this effectively extends legal rights to fetuses that aren’t born alive, a departure from the Court’s refusal to grant such rights since the 1988 Morgentaler decision.
Justice Skarica’s decision expressed a strong aversion to the new legal landscape, even while upholding it. “The practical effect of the law, as I interpret it, is that any woman can destroy her near-term or term fetus and can induce an abortion accordingly and do what she will with the remains without risking any criminal sanctions,” he wrote.
While the judge said he found that conclusion “deeply disturbing” and “disgusting at any moral level,” he conceded that he was “bound by the law as the Supreme Court of Canada interprets it.”
Levkovic was also acquitted in 2010 of concealing another dead baby in a freezer. The judge in that case ruled that it was possible she had miscarried

It's only an unborn baby. If a baby dies in the womb, so what? 

Right feminists? Right.

The mother can do drugs all she likes. As long as her autonomy is preserved, as long as she's not charged for harming a baby, so what? Who cares about the baby?

And it wasn't like she was desecrating a corpse or anything. Putting a 36-week baby in a bag to be carried off to the city dump is a totally appropriate way to dispose of a dead fetus. Like when your cat dies.

There is absolutely no responsibility towards the human life one creates.

That's feminism for you.

And check out this logic.

If the baby dies in the womb, involuntarily, it's a child.So it's a stillbirth.

If the baby dies in the womb voluntarily, it's not a child. It's an abortion.

So the status of the baby depends entirely on what the mother wants.