Thursday, September 04, 2014

Linkage of Interest

Some stories that have caught my attention. I don't know if I'll get to blog today.

Hobart abortion clinic protest charges dropped.

Marking 25 years of RU486. Or what I call "the cheap abortion".

Amanda Marcotte: Let’s Stop Idealizing the Home-Cooked Family Dinner. Yes, let's stop aiming for what's best for our family, and just settle for doing things half-assed.

I speak as the mother of a family of some very picky children (autistic kids are known for their food issues). When three out of four kids eat their supper, that's a win for me.

Just because something is difficult, doesn't mean it's not worth doing. You do your best to get to get as close to the ideal as possible, and if you can't, you just tell yourself: screw it, good enough.

It's not female oppression. It's probably what the majority of women do. It's not some conspiracy to keep women down.