Friday, September 12, 2014

Rob Ford Quits Mayoral Race

Perhaps his health issues is God's way of voting him out.

Get well soon, Rob. I hope everything turns out.

It's just too bad there wasn't another good right-wing candidate.

No matter who you elect, you're screwed Toronto.


Longer article here at the Ottawa Sun.

Doug Ford is entering the fray.


I'm anxious to see the next poll.

Personally, I wouldn't vote for Rob Ford.

But I might vote for Doug, if I know he's not abusing alcohol.

 I suspect there are others who feel the same way.

This might be very interesting.


Reading on my Facebook screen that Doug will be squashed. Hmm.


Nephew Michael Ford is withdraw from the race in Ward 2


Rob Ford is registered to run in Ward 2


Watching Straight Talk on Sun News. They're saying Doug Ford does not have the same level of charisma.