Sunday, September 07, 2014

Woman Jailed For Purchasing Abortion Pill, Distributing It to Her Daughter

The future of pro-life activism.

How did an online site in Europe obtain these pills, and send them overseas, without a prescription?

I suspect it's probably an illegal pharmacy.

Although these pills are not without risk, this isn't a coat hanger.

There is enough online information that women can take these pills unsupervised and not kill themselves.

They do it in many places in the Third World.

What people have never understood is that illegal abortion is not, per se, dangerous. It's the quality of the local healthcare service that is life or death for women.

Large numbers of women attempt illegal abortions if they resulted in death most of the time?

Of course not.

Women are not that dumb.

If fifty per cent of women died from illegal abortion, few women would try it.

It's a small minority of women who die from illegal abortion, and the number of deaths depends on whether healthcare is accessible. In countries with a decent healthcare system, few women die from clandestine abortion.

In countries where abortion is legal, but healthcare is inaccessible, lots of women die from abortion.

What this means for pro-life activists, is that the coat hanger myth needs to be put to rest.

Women will not generally die from clandestine abortion, and the experience in Third World countries is instructive.

The deaths of women will not be an excuse to not halt the killing of unborn children.