Thursday, October 09, 2014

Canadian Blogs About Her 3rd Trimester Abortion in Colorado

This is not a pretty blogpost.

I'm even surprised they posted at The Abortion Gang.

I'm grateful that they at least let her post her experience. I feel that often, abortion advocates don't want to hear about negative experiences, or they downplay them.

I do not know for certain if the doctors at the hospital where she ended up were as callous as she described them.

I don't think it's ethical to refuse to treat a patient because she went to see Dr. Hern.

Quite the opposite, I think these are the women who need medical treatment the most!

But how do you abort a baby at 24 weeks?

This lady spoke of how traumatic the injection was, the one that killed her baby.

Well imagine how it was for the baby!

Imagine the baby having to suffer a heart attack and die based on the mother's decision.

In the name of "my body, my choice!"

Is that fair?

What about the mother's responsibility towards this child?

She says it wasn't an easy way out.

Considering that the baby is dead, and that she got out of her responsibility towards him or her, relatively speaking, it was an easy way out.

It was her fourth child. She said she was newly single and didn't want to have to deal with another child.

I can understand the terror of having to face single life with a brood of kids.

But you don't solve your problems by killing one of your children.

And now she is scarred by the experience, but insists it was the right decision.

How is killing your child the right decision?

How is being scarred the right decision?

I have no doubt that if she had kept her child, it would have been exceedingly difficult.

But her kid wouldn't be dead, and she wouldn't be scarred and she probably wouldn't have had a close encounter with death.

And I can see Canadians using this to advocate for elective late-term abortion in Canada.

This lady had to go all the way to Colorado to get her abortion, and was mistreated in the process.

The reality is, though, that few doctors would be willing to do these abortions in Canada, and those who did probably wouldn't have the pool of clients they would need to keep up their skills. People don't realize that killing fetuses is a skill, and if you want to keep up that skill, you have to do it on a regular basis. That would be difficult in the Canadian context.

Abortionists know they're killing. And they need for the body to be small enough, hidden enough and dismembered beyond recognition to keep doing it.