Friday, October 10, 2014

Warren Kinsella is Right About Justin Trudeau

I rarely agree with the guy.

But I think he has it right here:

Just as he warned us shortly after he won his party's leadership, Justin Trudeau makes mistakes. Some of his mistakes - the Chinese dictatorship remark, the Ukraine joke, the Commons curse, the more recent CF-18 stumble - caused great consternation in the commentariat.

But among Canadians themselves, the verbal gaffes haven't had a measurable effect. Trudeau has remained ahead, or far ahead, in successive polls.

As I was putting together a list of Trudeau gaffes (for opposition research purposes), I noted how these gaffes revealed an immature mindset, but weren't actually mortal sins, by political standards.

Dumb comments, low-grade authoritarianism (banning candidates and pro-life mp's), drug taking, etc. That doesn't bother the public much.

As long as Trudeau makes people feel good, with his good looks, and feel-good politics, he will enjoy popularity.

Now granted, most people who pay attention to politics understand the guy is singularly unserious.

But Liberals know that he could be their ticket to power, so they shut up.

Should he ever screw that up, watch the knives come out. There's nothing Liberals hate more than a loser.