Thursday, October 02, 2014

WeNeedALaw Plants 100 000 Flags on Parliament Hill

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Kady O'Malley:

According to a just-in media notice, later this morning, "nearly one hundred volunteers" with anti-abortion group, as well as an unnamed MP, "will begin inserting 100,000 pink and blue flags on Parliament Hill," which, they say, represents the number of abortions in Canada each year.

Pro-life activists, can we talk?

Can we agree to call ourselves fetal rights activists?

We are anti-abortion, but anti-abortion doesn't describe us well enough.

We need to push the phrase "fetal rights". This is the crux of our cause.

UPDATE: ARPACanada has a photo album on facebook.

UPDATE: Tom Mulcair passing by:

Somebody ask him: when does human life begin?