Saturday, November 15, 2014

Australia: 54 Men Have Given Birth in the Last Year


MEN have given birth to 54 babies in Australia over the past year according to official Medicare statistics which now allow patients to nominate their own gender.

In an echo of the case of Thomas Beatie, a transgender man who preserved his female organs and was billed as the world’s first pregnant man in 2007, Aussie men are now also having babies, C-sections and abortions.

And abortion isn't just for women anymore:

According to Medicare, 44 men had abortions or D & Cs in Australia last year. Official statistics on how many had abortions are unclear because Medicare uses the same item code for abortion and D & Cs in the event of a woman having a miscarriage.


“People’s beliefs about body and gender identity expression have deep roots. Sometimes when that is questioned I can understand people have to think about it. "

Why only two genders then? Why not have people invent their own genders? If your belief about your own gender is what matters, then people can invent more than two. How can you question their deeply-rooted beliefs?