Thursday, November 13, 2014

Graphic Abortion Video Display Jolts People Out of Apathy

You know it's funny, this kind of thing inspires a pissed-off reaction in me: Because I'm already pro-life dammit, I don't want to see this sh**.

And on the other hand, how do you argue abortion without even knowing what an abortion looks like?

But, I have a fear.

My fear is that these scenes will become so commonplace, that there will come a time when people will look at abortion and shrug.

I fear that people will develop such a level of callousness, that abortion will generate a shrug.

You see it in people who defend abortion rights. Their attitude at the loss of human life is: Who the f cares? It's a ball of cells.  As long as female autonomy is preserved, that's what matters.

I feel that ugliness can't be the only face of abortion. You need both beauty and ugliness, you need both dispassionate logic, and to touch the heart.

You don't want the pro-life movement to only identified with aborted fetuses. Because if that's what people draw from us, they'll naturally be repulsed to us.

We should remember that this is one tool among many.  We shouldn't rely on one two. Or even a handful. We need a wide variety to reach out to people.

H/T: Run with Life.