Sunday, November 30, 2014

Link Dump: Liberal Candidate, Preemies, Capital Punishment, IVF

I'm coming back to this story again:

Trudeau says pro-life Hamilton Liberal Tassi will vote pro-choice

Anti-fetal-rights female Catholic was chaplain of a Catholic high school, huh?

Mum of a baby left to die after being born at just 22 weeks raises petition calling for rule change

Babies of that weight have survived. If you never treat babies that young, you will never learn to how to help them survive. Survival is linked more to weight than gestational age; besides, gestational age can be wrong.

Texas execution of a severely mentally ill man would be an outrage

This case depresses me. Sign the petition.

Quebec's IVF program is being discontinued, due to austerity measures.

Hey, it's a victory for pro-lifers! Shouldn't we be cheering? (Article in French). Celebrity Julie Snyder, the province's biggest defender of the program says it will have an effect on Quebec's birthrate. Somehow I doubt it. Notice, nobody uses that argument to restrict abortion.