Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trust Women? Not With Coat Hangers

"How can you trust me with a child if you can't trust me with a choice?"

Asks the old pro-abort bumper sticker.

In short: Trust women.

Women supposedly know what's best for themselves as individuals, better than anyone else.

But what about when abortion is illegal?

Some women do very dangerous and irrational things to end their pregnancies.

Do they still know what's best for them?

Can we really trust women with basic reproductive decisions, like whether to end their pregnancies with coat hangers?

What this shows is that you can't just assume everyone knows what's best for them as individuals.

It can't be the basis of a social policy.

What really should be the basis of a social policy is whether the thing being advocated is good or not.

But, of course, feminists have always deflected any discussion about the nature of abortion.

It's the reason why abortionist Curtis Boyd won't talk about the nature of abortion.

The Boyds are reluctant to talk in detail about this aspect of their work, because they are concerned anything they say will be seized upon by anti-abortion campaigners. 

In other words, it proves we're right.