Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Warning of Looming Schism Shows Once Again MSM Coverage of Pope Francis is Papal Bull

The Daily Beast "warns" of schism.

Like that hasn't been happening since 1962.

Conservative Catholics aren't upset with the Pope's so-called "progressive policies".

Conservative Catholics are upset with the Pope's statements being spun as "progressive policies".

Some of those statements might be conceived progressive,  such as the call to abolish life imprisonment.

But the vast majority of what Pope Francis says has been said before and doesn't offend faithful Catholics in the least. 

The Mainstream Media is spinning a progressive religious fantasy: that the largest religious body in the world finally adopts their world-view.

Not gonna happen.

I wish the media would just damned well get the message. It doesn't matter what the Pope says, dear World, we're just not that into you.

It's boring to have to repeat this all the time, but sometimes the frustration gets the better of me and I have to say what's already been said by every faithful Catholic at least ten times. If secular journalists would just spend some time actually engaging with Catholics, they would understand this. Even the supposed "change in tone" is a myth. It's not a change in a tone.

It's a change in reporting from headline-hungry media trying to spin a good narrative for their bottom line.

Meanwhile, the Pope is supposed to open a conference on marriage, but not a word in any major secular publication.

Dear Media: Your coverage is Papal Bull.

It's too bad they don't take the time to care.